"Reconnecting your inner self and bring healing to your body."

Joey met Master Suresh in her first yoga centre in 2002 and in just 6 months, the effects of her vigilant practice were evident, with her heightened strength and flexibility. However, a taxing career coupled with her absolute disdain for the job exacerbated Joey’s emotional wellbeing and hence, also impacted her interaction with others. Thus, she decided to take a leap and enter the fitness industry. 13 years into her yoga journey, she took on the 250-hour Hatha Yoga teacher training course, beginning her transition.


Through the course, she found felicity and insight. She also discovered that yoga is a platform that allows her to not only to survive but to thrive. It brings her a healthier and happier state of mind, greater body awareness as well as more opportunities to expand her ever-growing social circle.




"One needs to be physically and mentally fit to achieve anything in life."

Khrisna grew up with yoga as part of his daily routine as a student back in Hyderabad, India. Throughout the years, yoga has allowed him to see the connection of our mind and body, and it is this understanding that spur him to embark on his yoga journey and it eventually become a lifelong passion that he wants to pass on to the students.

After teaching and practicing the various styles of yoga, Khrisna found his calling in the B.K.S Iyengar practice. Determined to deepen his practice and knowledge, and addition to Iyengar teaching, Khrisna is experienced in conducting various yoga therapy classes such as Neck and Shoulder, Back Healing, Pranayama and Meditation. It brings him great satisfaction to learn that his students had gained benefits such as recovering from their neck and back ailments, improving overall well-being and greater awareness of their body.



"Do more of what makes you happy."

Jayne started ballet at the age of three, slowly venturing into other dance forms such as jazz, Chinese dance, lyrical, contemporary as well as hip hop.


She has performed, competed and choreographed for stages both locally and internationally.

She now fulfills her childhood dream of being in a circus through aerial arts, constantly stretching herself to greater heights. She loves spreading the aerial love, performing each movement with grace and poise.



"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you for the better."

Some 10 years ago, Francis was an absolute workaholic, staying back till late at night and burning weekends at the office. Then, realising he needed to take better care of his health, he signed up for a gym membership. There, he took group classes in several forms of exercises – step, body combat, body pump, etc – but it was in yoga where he found his sweet spot.


Through yoga, he experienced great improvements in strength, flexibility and, very great joy in while importantly, calmness in mind and spirit. More recently, he has taken his training to the next level – literally – through aerial fitness, which includes aerial yoga. With the help of the hammock,


Francis finds deeper stretches that complement his strength and flexibility training from other forms of aerial fitness while enjoying the creative process of exploring poses and shapes on the fabric. Francis hopes to invite everyone to come to share this above-ground experience and take their practice to a higher level.


"The only bad day is the day when I don't FIT."


Ever since David was young, he always had a love for sports and nature. Indulging in them gave him a sense of peace and relief from the hectic life he had. As such, David would spend majority of his time in parks and beaches, breathing in the fresh air whilst exercising. 

Driven by his passion for fitness, he was determined to share his knowledge regarding maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In 2010, he decided to become a swimming instructor, transitioning from fitness on land to the water. He then decided to make yet another transition and began his journey as a fitness instructor and he hopes to enrich many more with this wonderful experience in his practice.



"It doesn't matter how slowly you go, as long as you don't stop."

With a keen interest in providing a holistic approach towards health and wellness, Fiona enjoys incorporating knowledge from alternative fitness disciplines to complement her yoga journey, including myofascial release, contortion techniques and mobility training. Through yoga, she experienced great benefits. Not only did she gain just strength and flexibility but also joy and being grounded. Returning to the yoga mat has always been a constant in the last 10 years.

Fiona hopes to enrich like-minded people to experience similar positivity that has benefited her. Her biggest motivation is engaging and inspiring a community to grow, sweat, breathe and break boundaries together!




"Find stillness in motion, ease in difficulty."

Robert’s yoga journey began through a simple restorative sequence. Years of long-distance running and poor posture had left his body with constant discomfort that practice relieved. Since that moment, asana practice has been a regular part of his life and has brought many gifts, including a relationship to his physical self that is grounded in gratitude and appreciation.

Robert has always believed in sharing the things he loves. He began his career as a Literature and History teacher, undertaking his Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 as a way of offering back the practice of asana to the community. With an adventurous nature, Robert enjoys being upside down in inversions and floating in arm balances, however, the most important thing for him to offer is safe class that is nurturing for students of all levels. In addition to traditional forms of yoga, Robert draws influence from other disciplines of movement including calisthenics and dance.



"The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness."

Movement has always been an integral part of Jodie’s life. A free-spirited traveller and yogi, Jodie first ventured into yoga for its physical aspect, which soon became her way of self-care, and now her path toward self-discovery. She strongly believes in the practice of mindful movements with the breath for a more flexible body and calmer mind.


Jodie completed her RYT 200h Hatha and Vinyasa, and CET 50h Advanced Meditation in Singapore with her teacher, Nithya Priyan. It is her greatest wish that those who share their practice with her experience the transformative powers of yoga both on and off the mat.



"When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace."

Nazeeya found yoga at a time when she needed an outlet to recalibrate and expend her energy. Yoga is grounding in how we attempt to embrace stillness even in the most uncomfortable asanas. She believes that what we practice on the mat translates to our lives off the mat as well.

Being Hatha and Ashtanga trained, you can expect Nazeeya’s classes to be dynamic and flowing but also mindful with breath awareness. Exploring different asanas from backbends to arm balancing, with a conscious, guided sequence.



"Yoga encourages self-refinement through the breath."

CJ’s encounter with yoga began when she was still a university undergraduate exploring different ways to take better care of her health, and what started off as something she does in her leisure time eventually became a lifestyle.


CJ took her love for yoga a step further and is now a 200-hour certified yoga instructor. With a genuine heart to share, she hopes to empower students to find harmony in the dance between strength and relaxation.

IMG_9310 2.jpg


"Trust the Journey."

Yoga found Vivien as a stressed-out student in Hong Kong and then saw her through an emotional break up in Singapore. To her, the practice has always been about holding space and the opportunity to let go of emotions and thoughts which don’t serve. Fascinated by the connection between physical asanas and mental growth, and fuelled by the desire to share the experience with others, she commenced her teacher training.

Vivien’s first yoga teacher invited her to surrender; and for that hour, her mind was free to wander outside its usual walk-in wardrobe of worries. Vivien hopes to share that freedom with her students through mindful flows in a safe space of encouragement.



"Life is a balancing act. We are not meant to be whole. Thus Yin and Yang."

Through a recurring lower back injury, Lillian stumbled upon the dimension of alternative therapy and holistic wellness.  With a curious attitude, she dived deep and became fascinated with the body’s ability to heal itself.  Her journey stretched from yoga to qigong, from vipassana to traditional Chinese medicine. Today she is completely pain-free and no longer fearful of backbends. 


Grateful to have met and studied with teachers such as

Jo Phee, Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier, discovering the essence of yin yoga allowed Lillian to explore its sublime qualities and intimacy with the mind.


Eager to share and propagate the transformational practice, Lillian looks forward to creating a safe haven for students, helping them unravel their own wellness paths of healing in their yoga passage.  Her classes are infused with tidbits of functional anatomy to empower students in embracing the mindful movement.


Currently, Lillian is devoting herself to the study of TCM as it resonates deeply with her, that the harmony of body-mind-spirit is the key to equanimity.