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"The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness."

A heart-led free spirit, Jodie shares a big love for movement, arts and adventure. She first ventured into yoga for its physical aspect, which led her on the path of inner healing and self-discovery. Having experienced first-hand the benefits of the holistic practice, Jodie believes that mindfulness and breath work are just as important as bodywork. She is keen on making yoga accessible to everyone through her classes that are challenging and restorative all at once.

Jodie completed her RYT 200h Hatha and Vinyasa in 2019, and has acquired additional trainings of CET 300h in Yoga Anatomy, creative Vinyasa sequencing, Pranayama and Meditation, Pre-natal and Post-partum Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga (Resting Conversation®️ L1), and Sound Healing (Singing Bowl L2). She also specialises in safe, sustainable Backbends and Splits classes.



“Yoga reconnects us to our body, heals the heart and awakens the soul”.

Yolanda’s yoga journey began when she experienced how yoga helped to align her physical, mental, emotional and intuitive self. To deepen her knowledge of yoga, Yolanda undertook a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course.

Yolanda believes in connecting with her students while creating uplifting and positive vibes. She motivates them to do their best, to be peaceful yet empowered.
Her classes have a strong emphasis on fundamental alignment while cultivating a profound stillness of the mind, an openness in the body and a spirit of playfulness!




"Do more of what makes you happy."

Jayne started ballet at the age of three, slowly venturing into other dance forms such as jazz, Chinese dance, lyrical, contemporary as well as hip hop.


She has performed, competed and choreographed for stages both locally and internationally.

She now fulfills her childhood dream of being in a circus through aerial arts, constantly stretching herself to greater heights. She loves spreading the aerial love, performing each movement with grace and poise.



"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you for the better."

Some 10 years ago, Francis was an absolute workaholic, staying back till late at night and burning weekends at the office. Then, realising he needed to take better care of his health, he signed up for a gym membership. There, he took group classes in several forms of exercises – step, body combat, body pump, etc – but it was in yoga where he found his sweet spot.


Through yoga, he experienced great improvements in strength, flexibility and, very great joy in while importantly, calmness in mind and spirit. More recently, he has taken his training to the next level – literally – through aerial fitness, which includes aerial yoga. With the help of the hammock,


Francis finds deeper stretches that complement his strength and flexibility training from other forms of aerial fitness while enjoying the creative process of exploring poses and shapes on the fabric. Francis hopes to invite everyone to come to share this above-ground experience and take their practice to a higher level.



"Conscious breathing grounds you intimately with the Earth and minimizes the roller coaster life that is led by your fleeting thoughts."

Song Ying left the corporate world in pursue of Yoga for its health benefits. In less than a year, he has shed off 20kg of body weight to around 80kg.


Presently, he has clocked more than 500 hours of teacher training in Asana, Pranayama and Dhyana, becoming a happier, healthier, stronger and more flexible yoga practitioner.


Influenced by Yoga mentors, teachers and gurus, his teaching style is based on compassion (Karuna), equanimity (Upeksa) and holding space (Akasha), guiding students to use their body, mind and breath to explore their best expression of Asanas, thus finding joy, peace and progression in every practice.


Weiyang, a dedicated yogi and lifelong learner. Exploring the world of yoga to enhance his martial arts practice and discovering a love for Ashtanga yoga, he has gone on to become a certified yoga teacher himself. 

Weiyang believes in the transformative benefits of yoga. Through it, he love guiding his students to discover their own possibilities and potentials. His own motto is “Consistent effort, consistent result”.


"Regardless of any situation, stay joyful and life will always be wonderful"


When Meiz first exposed to aerial yoga, she realized aerial yoga allows her to find peaceful and destress also get closer to our body.

More important is aerial  yoga is the perfect way to build build up our muscles, stretching and more flexibility & mobility to our body to prevent injuries in life.Meiz wish to share the fun and happiness that aerial yoga gives.


“ "Believe you can and you're halfway there." 



“It's never too late to start. All you need is to try and to believe”.

Chillie got her first aerial yoga experience 5 years ago when she was still suffering from lower back pain like many other working adults who sit too long in front of their laptops. She found the cure from Aerial yoga and since then it has become part of her daily life. Throughout the years of practice, she has gained not just a better health, but the inner peace and control of her life. As a form of sport, aerial yoga requires muscle control, elegance and courage, the reason why she loves aerial yoga and would love to share the passion with everyone who wishes to push their own boundaries and step out of their comfort zone.


Ever since Calista started working full-time, sitting down the whole day has taken a toll on her body. In 2018, her New Year’s resolution was to start a healthier lifestyle. She had done various workouts- weightlifting, pilates reformer etc. After her first Aerial Yoga, she was hooked instantly. Aerial yoga allows her to look graceful and gain strength without  realising it. Calista"s  motivation to start teaching is being able to see people feeling accomplished after their class and continue to progress indefinitely.


“Find your balance, embrance your flow, and discover the harmony within.”.


Vera is a certified yoga teacher and a passionate aerial arts enthusiast. She started with yoga in 2019 to build strength and flexibility and eventually pursued further training in aerial arts, specifically in aerial hammock. Her teaching philosophy revolves around authenticity and being your own biggest supporter. 


"Show up for yourself, embrace the challenges, and watch your growth unfold."

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