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Whether you’re a new yogi looking to try something new or an experienced practitioner seeking to enhance your practice, there are over 30 classes you can try at Club Yoga.

Stretch your limitation with props-assisted or cardio-induced yoga in our contemporary classes, and explore your full potential with alignment-focused yoga in our traditional classes. 

Take time to explore the different kinds of yoga that work for you. Above all, have fun!

Aerial For Beginners

Join our beginner class, perfect for absolute newbies! Learn what you need to know to feel comfortable and confident in your aerial hammock, and be well on your way to exploring other Aerial classes.

Aerial Basic 


This is the class for you to explore aerial yoga and learn techniques safely. You will be upside down, flying and swinging on a hammock while building flexibility, better focus, strengthening muscles and relieving stress.




Deepen your yoga practice and get hooked on the hammock. In this class, by combining strength and balance you will explore more advanced poses. Get ready to be playful as you sculpt and tone your body in mid-air. Expect a fast-paced sequence in an all-rounded workout!

Aerial Flow

Come dance in the air as you gracefully put aerial poses and transitions into a short choreography! You will be learning a different choreography or part of a multiple-week choreography each week. Beginners are welcome.

Aerial Spin



Find deep release as we use the hammock to target areas that are commonly tight and/or weak. We will explore poses that stimulate and nourish connective tissues, release chronic tension, strengthen and increase the body’s range of motion in a safe and sustainable manner.



Add resistance to your practice
with Rope yoga. Deepen stretches, correct alignment and enhance poses in a safe and comfortable way.

Rope II

Reach beyond your limits and challenge asanas variations in an inverted way!


You must have attended at least 10 rope sessions and get your approval chop from club yoga’s instructors to attend!



*club yoga members only


Utilise the backbend apparatus to open up the upper body, flow into Wheel-assisted yoga postures, and ease your transition into naturally deeper poses.


Learn to create space and direct your attention to more specific alignment, understand hard to activate muscles in yoga poses with the use of chair. Explore and learn techniques to access challenging poses in a safe way, otherwise difficult on the mat.

Chair II



Upped your game and take your practice to new heights. Reach beyond your limits, deepen your practice, combing strength and balance by exploring challenging advanced asanas variations with the chair!


You must have attended at least 12 chair yoga  sessions and get your approval chop from club yoga’s instructors to attend!


*club yoga members only


Stretch your mind and body, enhanced cognitive functions and open up bi-lateral movement and brain health. Increase flexibility while improving balance, coordination and strength. Stick Yoga helps in maintaining proper posture and shape with greater ease in holding stretch positions while conserving energy. A dynamic way to stretch your body and increases range of motion while releasing tension in your spine and a rehabilitation for injuries.


Destress, tune into inner balance
and find solidity in strength through
a series of prolonged static Hatha poses, rather than linking movements.


Otherwise known as vinyasa, Flow unifies strength, grace and focus, by synchronising dynamic movement with rhythmic breath as you float from pose to pose


Wind down from a stressful day or stretch out muscle soreness with a series of deep, long-held stretches, and gradually build total body flexibility. 

Ashtanga Basic

Take your practice to the next level with challenging transitions between complex Ashtanga asanas, and build endurance, strength in the core and ultimately stamina.


Yin Yang

Balance the slow-paced Yin with the dynamic Yang sequence that looks to open up the body first, then hush the mind and nourish your whole being.


Challenge yourself as you develop functional core strength through poses targeting this essential area. Benefits include improved posture, reduced risk of injury and an all-rounded healthy back. Core strength is an important key to mastering advanced poses like arm balances and inversions!

Backbends may be daunting and challenging, however the benefits are enormous. Practised consistently, they open up the shoulders and chest, improve breathing and posture, and stimulate the heart chakra. You will walk away feeling revitalised and recharged.

Arm Balance

Wish to explore arm balance poses beyond crow? This class is all about your hands on the mat and your body floating in the air. Develop strength and confidence as we approach these challenging poses by incorporating essential and safe techniques. 


Inversions strengthen the arms, legs, back and core abdominal muscles. Going against gravity improves circulation in the body especially to the extremities. Inversions also have a calming effect on the nervous system. We will slowly build our way up so all you need is to have fun in the process!

Neck, Shoulder & Backcare

Release accumulating tension in the neck, back, and shoulders, and lubricate the joints with a combination of circular movements of the joints Combat pain due to tight muscles, build strength and increases mobility. Expect juicy forward folds , creative bridge poses with blocks and some supine shoulder openers. Throughout, we focus on cultivating ease and most importantly sweetness out of the stretches.


Barre Fusion


Barre Fusion is a low impact cardio workout done through a fusion of Pilates, ballet and yoga. A total body and comprehensive workout, designed to increase your core and strength conditioning. It tones, sculpts and lengthens your muscles through isometric holds and movements. With an emphasis on form, alignment and flexibility, safely reshaping your body. Targeting on each muscle groups, promoting long and lean growth.

Mat Pilates

Strengthen your muscles and increase your endurance. A mind-body and gentle workout, targeting the abdominal, lower back muscles, obliques and hip. A near-surefire way to achieve a strong core, ease lower back pain and stabilize joints. 

A great option for low-impact recovery and injury rehabilitation.  

Keeping your body well balanced, maintaining proper posture, stability, and isolating more muscle groups.    

Private &


Planning for some bonding time with your buddies or colleagues? Connect with us at, and we can customise a special class for you.

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