Breathe in, chill out. It’s just yoga.


Technically, it’s also just you, the mat and the teacher. We like nothing more than introducing you to the practice in a welcoming environment. Hence the house rules.


Arrive early, not on time. Give yourself time to become acquainted with the space, stash your bag and phone aside, and be completely present in the practice. While you’re at it, don’t take yourself too seriously. Try something new, fall on your face, and have a laugh. More importantly, give yourself credit for pushing yourself. 


And remember, silence is golden. 

yin yang yoga workshop

– create space series

with lillian




   Sat 22   |   Dec 2018    |   2.30 – 5pm



Investment: 2 class passes   |   drop-in $65








Club Yoga’s very first drop-in yin yang workshop. Come and go at any time. This is great chance for people to try yin yang yoga for the first time or stay for longer and take your practice deeper.


Yin is a deep practice with slow transitions, gentle movements, longer holds, and greater awareness of the deeper patterns that organise the flow of energy in your body and mind.


Yang movements test you, insisting that you reach beyond what you think is possible.  Yin movements unfold without effort or strain, allowing things to change more gradually.  


Through this 2.5 hour practice, you will be able to use Yin and Yang approaches to cultivate strength, balance, coordination, and fluidity.


Refresh.  Rebalance.  Rejuvenate. 





All levels of practitioners are welcome.