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25 April 2020, Sat   10 -12pm   |  26 April 2020, Sun  1.30 - 3.30pm


Investment:  $250 earlybird | $300  normal


(fees paid are non-refundable)

The wheel is a special and popular tool which is often used for deepening backbends, gaining flexibility in the shoulders, chest and hip flexors. It does so safely and painlessly by providing support to your body, so advanced postures can be accomplished with ease.

In this fun-filled workshop, Master Bikram will guide your steps towards establishing a correct and safe alignment to achieve challenging poses. Backbends and some advanced postures can be extremely difficult. By using the wheel, it allows backbend, hip opening, inversion and arm balancing can be achieved in a  playful, easy and effortless practice.


This workshop is suitable for all levels of yoga enthusiasts, including those who want to seek a safe way to begin their yoga journey.


By the end of this workshop, you will be equipped with the techniques and knowledge to use the yoga wheel and bring your yoga sadhana to a new level.



Day 1
Master Bikram will share fundamental techniques such as how to use the yoga wheel in a safe way to improve flexibility and strength to enhance your yoga practice.
We will also explore the groundwork for Partner Yoga with Wheel, making the 4 hours a lively and fun practice



Day 2
We continue to go deeper into more challenging postures such as deep backbends, arm balances, inversions and hip opening asanas.
Deepen a pose, strengthen muscles, release tension, open uptightness, overall body conditioning. You will leave the workshop feeling energised and rejuvenate





All levels of practitioners are welcome.

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