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mastering the basics and beyond workshop




27 July 2019    |    Sat    |    2.00pm – 6.00pm

Investment:  $80 for member | $100  for drop-in 


(fees paid are non-refundable)


This workshop is designed for you if:

•       You want to understand how precise alignment can help you feel more                       comfortable in your body and in your yoga practice.

•       You want to learn the right techniques to gain strength and flexibility by                     engaging the right muscles.

•       You want to use the knowledge you gain through alignment and techniques,             to take your personal yoga practice to the next level.



At the end of the workshop, you will:

•       Be equipped with the tools to practice safely which leads to an injury free

         and fulfilling yoga practice.

•       Understand how to align optimally for your own body, address any areas                   where you currently experience pain, and feel at ease and confident about               your practice.

•       Learn how to get the most benefit from basic poses which are the foundation           for all levels of yoga practice, and how these poses translate into advanced             versions OR modifications appropriate for  your body.





All levels of practitioners are welcome.


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