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rope yoga

teachers training


Weekday Slot:

19 October to 30 October
Mon, Wed & Fri (2-5pm)

7 days

Weekend Slot:

17 October - 31 October
Sat & Sun (2-6pm)

7 days

Investment:  $1000 normal | $900 earlybird


(by end Sept)

Are you ready to your deepen your practice, expanding it beyond the mat? 


Whether you are an aspiring yoga instructor or just a yoga practitioner, we are inviting you to join us on a journey of personal and professional development in a training programme that will provide everything you need to know about Rope Yoga, deepening your knowledge and a practice that bring you to the next level.

In this course, we will guide and share with you the essential skills, techniques and methodology of Basic Rope Yoga practice. A comprehensive and structured programme focused on the benefits, safety measures, effective cues and adjustments you need to know for Rope practice. To achieve this, we are keeping it cozy and small. 

Our graduates will be given the opportunity to teach a class upon graduation. This will help boost their confidence as they apply what they learnt during the course. 



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