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Yoga Retreat

6 - 12 sept 2020   |    early bird USD 3300

                                  normal     USD 3800

A Bhutan yoga retreat is an experience full of wonders and charms, an adventure that will inspire and enrich you for years to come. Bhutan culture is preserved by issuing only a limited number of tourist visas each year, so they are able to sustain and preserve its endemic and natural beauty.  You’ll discover a feast of culture, nature, and infectious local smiles. It’s an ideal destination for personal enrichment – and for deepening your yoga practice.

Your Bhutan yoga retreat will weave together the best of the country’s culture and nature. Explore stupas and temples, take a hike or explore mountain trails and discover this fascinating country.

Expect daily morning and evening yoga sessions, great company, fresh food, lots of fun and laughter.

Set aside your mundane stress and bring your senses to this awe-inspiring place they call the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Your Bhutan adventure will take you alongside welcoming locals who measure their life and success by Gross National Happiness; not a bad way to find a little peaceful bliss of your own.


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