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Kfly aerial yoga


Date: Jan 20 & 21 2018                 

Time: 0900am - 5:00pm                 (6hrs)


1st Day

20 Jan 2018, Sat

KFly on Body Opening

(hips & shoulders)

Fees: $380/pax


2nd Day

21 Jan 2018, Sun

KFly on Tone & Slimming Fees: $380/pax


Both Workshops:

Normal: $760/pax

Early Bird Fees: $688/pax 

(before 15 Dec 2017)

Kyoga ~ KFly Aerial Yoga 1st Flying Workshops in Singapore.


We are proud to have KFly Aerial in Singapore to share their unique skills & aerial sequences. 


An all-level workshops for flyers who want a new aerial experience. Redefining aerial techniques, increase flexibility, strength, stamina and balance all while defying gravity in a

6-hour long Body Opening workshop and/or a Toning and Slimming workshop with the help of the hammock.


Join us now for a 2-day workshop to begin your transformation with this workshop that we have specially designed for you.


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blindflow yoga


& sound therapy

date: 10 Dec 2017

time: 11.15am - 1.15pm

early bird: $65

normal price :$80

attendees: 18 paxs 

Club Yoga Blindflow Yoga is back; this time with a twist (both the asana practice and the ending! Hah!)

Jasmine will guide practitioners to move with every intention to slow things down, remove the visuals to help us feel, hear and sense deeper.
With the blindfolds on, it will remove any assumptions/judgements of what you already know, or what a certain yoga pose should look like and take your practice to another level with more awareness to how the physical yoga practice can benefit the body and mind.

A special guest yoga instructor Lishan will bring us to an experience of the sacred alchemy of Tibetan singing bowls and tingshas layered with channeled vocal toning and singing.

Achieve deep relaxation through the resonant vibrations of her voice and Himalayan instruments that bring you into a state of bliss by activating your alpha, theta and delta brainwaves.

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rope yoga


date: 20 Augest 2017

time: 11.15am - 1.15pm

price: $80

attendees: 18 paxs 

Rope yoga is a practice aimed to refine your postures and deepen your experience to the benefits of the asanas.



Bring a fresh perspective to your understanding of the asanas, from backbends to forward bends, twists or inversions. Reach places where your regular practice cannot take you. Anchor your pose and expand your movement.


In this 2 hour workshop, basic to advanced postures will be introduced and held by the ropes in suspension. Observe the increase in space and flexibility after the corrected alignment on the rope.


Not to forget, that a good amount of core strength is an essential to enter and exit the postures safely.


Whether beginner or advanced practitioner to yoga, the workshop will definitely make a difference to your daily practice both on the rope and your mat practice.

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blind flow


date: 30 July 2017

time: 11.15am - 1.15pm

early bird: $65

before 21 July 2017

normal price: $80

22 July 2017 onwards

attendees: 18 paxs 

eye mask included

The 'Blindflow' yoga workshop is a 2 hour workshop intended to heighten one's senses all while allowing one's eyes to take a break.




According to research, a first impression is set within the first 7 seconds one looks at a person, object or situation. Just how often do you find that what you see is not what it actually is?

In this 'blindflow' yoga workshop, we will be practicing how to move with every intention to slow things down. Removing visuals will help us feel, hear and just all round, sense better.

With the blindfolds on, it will remove all assumption and judgement. Not thinking too hard about what a certain yoga pose should look like will take your practice to another level. During the process, you will be more aware about how the physical yoga practice can benefit the body and mind.

The session will end with a yoga nidra (yoga sleep) with the blindfolds still on, this will of course allow for the complete physical and mental relaxation.

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Get rid of menstruation pain with yoga

date: 19 May 2017

time: 11.15am - 1.15pm

early bird: $60

attendees: 18 paxs 

Guest Teacher Anu Lall




Pain hampers life. You do not want a downtime of 1-2 days every month. Don’t live with pain, when natural cures can treat it. Teach your daughters, sisters, friends and family to be pain free. There is no patent on this. Learn and Teach the world.




Painful menstruation (Primary Dysmenorrhea) affects 50% Women, which means most women around us live in pain.  Unfortunately, modern medicine doesn’t give us anything much of a cure or even a long term pain management technique.  The most prescribed method are NSAIDs, or pain killers. Grin and bear, till the next month.  Mother Nature, did not make things so difficult for us. Eastern sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicines, deal with this very effectively and cure it.   As a Yoga teacher and an Ayurveda practioner, Anu has repeatedly taught girls and women to follow these guidelines, and in her experience, there is considerable reduction in pain over 1-2 menstrual cycles. Anu is a yoga practitioner and a meditation teacher. She is a lawyer by education and a technology entrepreneur. Over the years, working long hours caused stress and related illnesses. She took to Ayurveda and Yoga for treating self. Now, she teaches yoga philosophy and Ayurveda. She is certified RYT 200 Hours from Alliance Yoga, and intermediate Ayurveda from Maharishi Ayurveda. Anu offers practical advice and do-able techniques to integrate holistic into everyday life. She firmly believes that we can apply yogic philosophy, meditation principles, nature's guidelines at work and in everyday lives to achieve greater health, happiness, equanimity and success. Modern day life needs to be blended and balanced with this ancient knowledge.   

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date: 8 April 2017

time: 11am - 1pm

early bird: $80

before 31 March 2017

normal price: $100

1 April 2017 onwards

attendees: 16 paxs 



Explore yoga with the use of a hammock. The dynamic synthesis of poses and playfulness of aerial yoga will reawaken your inner & outer strength. This is an all-level workshop for flyers  who want to experience a new aerial experience.  Aerial yoga defies gravity and allows one to perform a range of various yoga poses that may

be more difficult to do on the ground. Increase your flexibility, strength, stamina and balance all while defying gravity.


Join us for a 2 hour long intensive aerial yoga session led by Adlyn.



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