A refuge from the daily grind, a space to breathe, a safe haven to seek serenity and balance, heal and grow. 


Club Yoga is a welcoming place of community, where experienced yogis and newbies get together to move mindfully, grow deeper breaths and intentions. 


We make the transformational practice of yoga accessible to everyone through affordable yoga classes and packages for all levels, guided by the very founders of Club Yoga Singapore dedicated in making your journey enjoyable and as full as possible. 


Find your way to the mat in a comfortable and uplifting environment. Be part of the club.



“What you plant now,

you will harvest later.”

Adlyn dove into her yoga journey back in 2008. Soon after, she took on the 200 and 500-hour Ashtanga training with Michel Besnard, Roslyn Ying, and Rob Lucas; marking her first steps as an instructor.


Diagnosed with breast cancer, the initial goal of losing baby weight was forgotten and yoga became a sanctuary for her. In spite of the seemingly dire circumstances, she maintained her cheery disposition, remained resilient and continued her practice. She even took it upon herself to branch out into aerial and rope yoga to elevate her post-surgery, weakened strength and flexibility. As such, she abated the side effects of the treatment and astounded her oncologist with her rapid recovery and ability to execute complex forms. Ardent, innovative and gritty, she thrives, inspiring everyone and anyone who has ever been acquainted with her.


For her, yoga was the calm amidst the storm and hence, she founded Club Yoga with a vision to spread the joy and blessings yoga has brought her.



"Yoga is not about flexibility, it’s about reconnecting your inner self and bring healing to your body."

Joey met Master Suresh in her first yoga centre in 2002 and in just 6 months, the effects of her vigilant practice were evident, with her heightened strength and flexibility. However, a taxing career coupled with her absolute disdain for the job exacerbated Joey’s emotional wellbeing and hence, also impacted her interaction with others. Thus, she decided to take a leap and enter the fitness industry. 13 years into her yoga journey, she took on the 250-hour Hatha Yoga teacher training course, beginning her transition.


Through the course, she found felicity and insight. She also discovered that yoga is a platform that allows her to not only to survive but to thrive. It brings her a healthier and happier state of mind, greater body awareness as well as more opportunities to expand her ever-growing social circle.


“Yoga is not about flexibility, it’s about reconnecting your inner self and bring healing to your body,” a quote she resonates with. With this belief in mind, she will execute her classes, hoping to touch others’ lives as yoga has touched hers.


“Life is a balancing act. We are not meant to be whole. Thus Yin and Yang”

Through a recurring lower back injury, Lillian stumbled upon the dimension of alternative therapy and holistic wellness.  With a curious attitude, she dived deep and became fascinated with the body’s ability to heal itself.  Her journey stretched from yoga to qigong, from vipassana to traditional Chinese medicine. Today she is completely pain-free and no longer fearful of backbends. 


Grateful to have met and studied with teachers such

as Jo Phee, Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier, discovering the essence of yin yoga allowed Lillian to explore its sublime qualities and intimacy with the mind.


Eager to share and propagate the transformational practice, Lillian looks forward to creating a safe haven for students, helping them unravel their own wellness paths of healing in their yoga passage.  Her classes are infused with tidbits of functional anatomy to empower students in embracing the mindful movement.


Currently, Lillian is devoting herself to the study of TCM as it resonates deeply with her, that the harmony of body-mind-spirit is the key to equanimity.


"Practice happily regardless of whether it is a ‘good’ or not."


“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you don't stop.”

Jasmine started yoga in 2010 as a respite from the demands that her job as a nurse brings. Each time she practised, she experienced the physical and emotional benefits of yoga, and her passion for it grew deeper.


She went on pursue her yoga teacher training to widen her perspectives and dive deeper into the yoga history and philosophy.


Today, she finds great pleasure in sharing about

the transformative power that yoga brings, balancing the mind and body in a frenetic city life. Part of her mission

is also to give back to the people, by making yoga more accessible to heartlanders through community yoga.


Beginning with flexibility issues and limited strength, Jasmine understands the struggles that students goes through during their journey of yoga. Let her classes guide you on deep breathing techniques to self bodily acceptance and for dealing with life challenges.


“Find stillness in motion, ease in difficulty.”

Robert’s yoga journey began through a simple restorative sequence. Years of long-distance running and poor posture had left his body with constant discomfort that practice relieved. Since that moment, asana practice has been a regular part of his life and has brought many gifts, including a relationship to his physical self that is grounded in gratitude and appreciation.

Robert has always believed in sharing the things he loves. He began his career as a Literature and History teacher, undertaking his Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 as a way of offering back the practice of asana to the community. With an adventurous nature, Robert enjoys being upside down in inversions and floating in arm balances, however, the most important thing for him to offer is safe class that is nurturing for students of all levels. In addition to traditional forms of yoga, Robert draws influence from other disciplines of movement including calisthenics and dance.

Growing up, Min Yi struggled with her weight and the fact that exercise was not a part of her lifestyle only stagnated her problem. However, her life took a turn when her parents brought her to Telok Blanagh Hills for a walk. There, Min Yi discovered the bliss of getting endorphin rushes. Conquering the ominously steep slopes sparked a love for running in her and from there, she branched out. Muay Thai, Brazilian Jin-Jitsu, powerlifting, she can do it all. Now, not a day goes by without the inclusion of a workout.

Despite her obvious inclination towards activity, Min Yi still took on a sedentary office job. This took a toll on her body and hence, many health issues arose. After years of contemplation and dilemma, she decided that a fresh start was needed. She began her transition into the fitness industry by completing a training in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. She loved it. Then, Min Yi went to Mysore twice to practice at KPJAYI and even stayed there for about
a month to deepen her practice and hone her skills.

Min Yi wish to share her love for this practice as well as to teach a routine that everyone, no matter the competency, will be able to perfect.






"Always be in the pink of health!"

Jayne started ballet at the age of three, slowly venturing into other dance forms such as jazz, Chinese dance, lyrical, contemporary as well as hip hop.


She has performed, competed and choreographed for stages both locally and internationally.

She now fulfills her childhood dream of being in a circus through aerial arts, constantly stretching herself to greater heights. She loves spreading the aerial love, performing each movement with grace and poise.


"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you for the better."

Some 10 years ago, Francis was an absolute workaholic, staying back till late at night and burning weekends at the office. Then, realising he needed to take better care of his health, he signed up for a gym membership. There, he took group classes in several forms of exercises – step, body combat, body pump, etc – but it was in yoga where he found his sweet spot.


Through yoga, he experienced great improvements in strength, flexibility and, very great joy in while importantly, calmness in mind and spirit. More recently, he has taken his training to the next level – literally – through aerial fitness, which includes aerial yoga. With the help of the hammock,


Francis finds deeper stretches that complement his strength and flexibility training from other forms of aerial fitness while enjoying the creative process of exploring poses and shapes on the fabric. Francis hopes to invite everyone to come to share this above-ground experience and take their practice to a higher level.



Whether you’re a budding or seasoned yogi, these introductory classes acquaint you with the right alignment in fundamental postures and breath work.


Level 1

These intermediate classes focus on building strength and techniques needed to advance and ease your transition to the next levels.


Level 2/3

Designed for those with consistent yoga practice, these advanced classes explore fun variations of postures and complex sequences. 



Connect with us at joinus@clubyoga.sg







Build endurance and stamina with Power Flow, a faster paced vinyasa practice that will challenge the mind and body, and make you sweat.




Awaken your mind and body with a series of Sun Salutation postures, stretching and strengthening the major muscle groups.



Connect with us at joinus@clubyoga.sg







Yin focuses on stretching the connective tissues through gentle, long-held poses, encouraging a deep and safe opening of the meridians and a healthy flow of qi.

Yin Yang




Balance the slow-paced Yin with the dynamic Yang sequence that looks to open up the body first, then hush the mind and nourish your whole being.

Yin & Myofascial


Yin focuses on stretching the connective tissues through gentle, long-held poses, encouraging a deep and safe opening of the meridians and a healthy flow of qi.own from a stressful day or stretch out muscle soreness with a series of deep, long-held stretches, and gradually build total body flexibility. 


Challenge yourself as you develop functional core strength through poses targeting this essential area. Benefits include improved posture, reduced risk of injury and an all-rounded healthy back. Core strength is an important key to mastering advanced poses like arm balances and inversions!


Take your practice to the next level with challenging transitions between complex Ashtanga asanas, and build endurance, strength in the core and ultimately stamina.

Ashtanga B


If you are new to Ashtanga yoga, this is where you want to begin. Take your practice with a slower pace, 

introducing challenging transitions between complex Ashtanga asanas.






Otherwise known as vinyasa, Flow unifies strength, grace and focus, by synchronising dynamic movement with rhythmic breath as you float from pose to pose


Far less strenuous than other yoga, Gentle is a slow-paced practice with simple postures and movements, perfect for newbies, those with injuries or limitations, or seeking

deep relaxation.


Wind down from a stressful day or stretch out muscle soreness with a series of deep, long-held stretches, and gradually build total body flexibility. 






Utilise the backbend apparatus to open up the upper body, flow into Wheel-assisted yoga postures, and ease your transition into naturally deeper poses.


Destress, tune into inner balance

and find solidity in strength through

a series of prolonged static Hatha poses, rather than linking movements.

Hatha Flow

Linking hatha poses into a sequence that transition naturally from one to the next. Through mindful movement and alignment, this class explores variations of sun salutation, standing and floor poses offering a balanced whole body work out.

Aerial Therapy





Find deep release as we use the hammock to target areas that are commonly tight and/or weak.  We will explore poses that stimulate and nourish connective tissues, release chronic tension, strengthen and increase the body’s range of motion in a safe and sustainable manner.


Add resistance to your practice

with Rope yoga. Deepen stretches, correct alignment and enhance poses in a safe and comfortable way.

Rope II





Reach beyond your limits and challenge asanas variations in an inverted way!

You must have attended 
at least 10 rope sessions and get your approval chop from club yoga’s instructors to attend!



*club yoga members only




Deepen your yoga practice and get hooked on the hammock. In this class, by combining strength and balance you will explore more advanced poses. Get ready to be playful as you sculpt and tone your body in mid-air. Expect a fast-paced sequence in an all-rounded workout!

Aerial Stretch



Intense stretch and strengthening on the hammock. Experience lightness and space in the spine and joints, as you use the hammock to be creative in traditional yoga poses.


Aerial Basic 


This is the class for you to explore aerial yoga and learn techniques safely. You will be upside down, flying and swinging on a hammock while building flexibility, better focus, strengthening muscles and relieving stress.

40 passes valid for 6 months.


70 passes valid for 9 months.


valid for all class type on all days of the week,

up to end of class time at 2pm



valid for on all days

of the week and class times.



• All fees paid and packages are non-refundable or transferable.
• 10, 25 and 50 passes are valid for 3 months, 7 months and 12 months respectively.

• Buddy pack Heavyweight of 70 passes is valid for 9 months.

• Buddy pack Lightweight of 40 passes is valid for 6 months.

• Unused expired classes may be brought forward when you buy a new package within 1 month from the date of expiry.

• If you are unable to attend classes for an extended period due to travel plans or medical conditions,    please provide us with documentary proof to have your package temporarily suspended. Subject to one suspension per package. (not valid for buddy package).
• Cancellation or rescheduling must be submitted online at least 6 hours before the class start time. 
• Classes will be forfeited, for late cancellation or no show.
• You are advised to arrive 10 minutes before class, and will not be allowed to join the class once it has started.
• ClubYoga reserves the right to amend the class schedules, terms and conditions at its discretion.
• Payment at the studio can be made by NETS, PAY NOW or Cash only.



Unlimited Pass and Unlimited Lite Pass

• Unlimited Pass is valid for all class type on all days of the week and class times.

• Unlimited Lite Pass is valid for all class types on all days of the week, up to end of class time at 2pm.

• Unlimited Pass and Unlimited Lite Pass are valid for 30 days

• Validity starts on your first visit (inclusive of late cancellation or no-show).

• Accumulation of 2 late cancellation or no-shows will result in a deduction of 5 days' validity of your package.






















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